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RECORDING AVAILABLE. Digital planning technique for surgical guides for prosthetic implants before orthodontic treatment

RECORDING AVAILABLE. Digital planning technique for surgical guides for prosthetic implants before orthodontic treatment


20 Oct - 20 Oct, 2022 19:00 - 20:30

Robertas Kirlys

The use of digitalization and advanced technology allows clinicians to plan the position of dental implants in orthodontic patients treated with Ordoline aligners in the beginning of their orthodontic treatment, instead of waiting until the end of orthodontic treatment, integrating implant restorations with orthodontic biomechanics. Providing opportunities for more predictable movements, faster treatment and better results this method comes with various options and some limitations.

At this webinar we will discuss the rationale behind integrating prosthetic implant surgery and orthodontic treatment with aligners as well as various treatment alternatives. The complete digital workflow of Ordoline aligner treatment supported by implants, in which implants are placed at the beginning of the treatment and support the orthodontic treatment will be presented. On top of that, various clinic situations for such approach and those, where such treatment should be delayed or is not possible at all will be analysed.

During the webinar you’ll learn:

  • How prosthetic implants help with orthodontic aligner treatment
  • Why implant insertion before orthodontic treatment is a viable option
  • In what situations implant can be placed before orthodontic treatment and when it should be delayed
  • How to successfully plan implant surgery before orthodontic treatment
  • Proven protocol of successful implant application before orthodontic treatment

The Speaker

Robertas Kirlys

Robertas Kirlys

Gyd. Robertas Kirlys yra gydytojas odontologas – ortopedas – ortodontas. Jis baigė studijas Vilniaus Universiteto Medicinos fakulteto Odontologijos institute (2006 m.) bei odontologijos studijas Ernst Moritz Arndt universitete Greifswalde (Vokietijoje) (2004 m.). 2006 m. Vilniaus universiteto Žalgirio ligoninėje atliko internatūrą.  2008 – 2012 m. ortodontijos rezidentūrą - Vilniaus universiteto Žalgirio klinikoje. 2014 – 2016 m. ortopedijos rezidentūros studijų programą baigė Vilniaus universiteto Žalgirio klinikoje. Nuo 2018 m. dirba Vilniaus implantologijos centro klinikoje. Yra Ordoline academy mentorystės programos vadovas. Nuolat skaitantis paskaitas ir vedantis praktinius mokymus bendrosios praktikos gydytojams ir gydytojams ortodontams  apie gydymą kapomis bei šio darbo specifiką. Gyd. Robertas Kirlys nuolat gilina žinias įvairiose konferencijose bei mokymuose. Gyd. Robertas Krills yra vienas iš daugiausiai patirties turinčių specialistų, gydančių pacientus tiesinamosiomis kapomis.