Smart and easy TADs application. Full roadmap and a new approach.
Theoretical and practical course

Smart and easy TADs application. Full roadmap and a new approach.
Theoretical and practical course


28 Oct, 2022 09:00 - 17:00
Vilnius, Lithuania

Dott. Nicola Derton

TADS (Temporary anchorage device) or also know as mini-screws are one of the most common orthodontic auxiliaries in orthodontic treatment to provide anchorage, facilitate difficult teeth movement and improve treatment results.

The use of TADS offers other benefits as well: It may shorten overall treatment time, eliminate the need to wear elastics and in some cases, even make certain oral surgeries unnecessary. It also allows professionals to take on more complex cases, which might formerly have proved very difficult to treat. Nowadays, the easier, simpler, and safer type of skeletal anchorage is represented by the New Direct TADs protocol.

This 1.5 days course will feature a 1 day of theory and cases analysis where the complete TADs application roadmap, protocols, the easy insertion technique and number of clinical cases, applications, tips & tricks will be presented.  The 2nd day will offer participants to practice the correct application of TADs making us of New Direct TADS protocols. After the course, the participants will know the diagnostic framework, well-tracked protocols, the proper guidelines and suitable tools to allow them to apply TADs in orthodontic treatment with confidence and patient comfort in mind.

Course Outline:

Day 1. October 28th. Theory and case analysis. October 28th.

  • Direct TADs foundation and usage rationale
  • Roadmap of TADs application
  • TADs integration with sectional auxiliaries
  • Insertion sites and technique for interradicular mini-screw
  • Insertion sites, technique and positioning for extra-alveolar mini-screw
  • Aligner screw: Upper/Lower retraction and sequential distalisation
  • TADs protocols 

Day 2. October 29th. Practical workshop (1/2 days. Morning or afternoon session). Seats limited

Practical mini-screw insertion workshop in artificial half-mandible, synthetic bone blocks with intra and extra-alveolar bone hardness modules. Furthermore, participants will apply intra and extra-alveolar tads (alignerscrew) on 3D printed malocclusion simulators and place the proper elastic force traction.

Price: 449 EUR theory & practice. 249 EUR theory

For this course will be issued certificates, coordinated with the Ministry of Health of Lithuania (SAM).

The Speaker

Dott. Nicola Derton

Dott. Nicola Derton

Dr. Nicola Derton is a specialist in Orthodontics, Adjunct Professor at the University of Triest and Clin. Assist. Professor at the United Campus of Malta. He's a world-renowned expert and speaker on mini-screws application as a TAD in orthodontic treatment who has contributed to 2 textbooks on this topic and developed several mini-screw devices. Lately, together with his team, Dr. Derton has developed a mini-screw device specifically geared toward orthodontic aligner therapy improving treatment accuracy and predictability.